Specifications and Pricing

Standard sizes for 18 OD

Length: 5'


Net flotation: 440lbs/200kg
Safe flotation: 220lbs/100kg
MSRP: $377

Length: 6'


Net flotation: 528lbs/240kg
Safe flotation: 264lbs/120kg
MSRP: $398

Length: 10'


Net flotation: 880lbs/400kg
Safe flotation: 440lbs/200kg
MSRP: $525

Length: 14'


Net flotation: 1232lbs/560kg
Safe flotation: 616lbs/280kg
MSRP: $586

Length: 18'


Net flotation: 1584lb/720kg
Safe flotation: 792lbs/360kg
MSRP: $673

Diameter of 18″ is calculated outside of ribs.
Flotation is net, totally submerged. This is the weight your pontoon supports just before sinking.
For safe flotation, do not submerge more than half of diameter.
For exact prices and shipping charges, contact your local dealer.
Custom Sizes Available.

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